One of the last great video game experiences made available for the N.E.S., this epic pulled out all the stops! :idea:

User Rating: 10 | Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari NES
It never ceases to amaze me how many great retro video game experiences I'm getting to experience by having a Nintendo Wii and using the Virtual Console. What does continue to surprise me though, is just how much a video game can manage to accomplish, in spite of the console it was released on. By 1993, the original 8-bit N.E.S. was getting a little bit long in the tooth, Atari and Sega had pretty much discontinued trying to push games for their 8-bit devices, nearly everyone was playing 16-bit consoles now, and there were already talks of 32-bit video games on the horizon. But Nintendo proved that in spite of being eight years old, the N.E.S. still had some fight left in it, and it was NOT going to go away quietly! :D One of the last knock-out punches this console was able to deliver, was by giving us Kirby's first home console experience. Already a hit on the portable Game Boy, the N.E.S. greatly expanded Kirby's abilities (literally!) as Kirby uses his trademark copy technique for the first time in a game! :idea: Various enemies can be inhaled, and Kirby can then use their weapon as his own. Many are useful, some are just for laughs, and others need to be played around with.

It's even possible to inhale two enemies with abilities at a time, and by combining the two, you can get a random, and sometimes totally cool, unique ability that's hard to get under normal circumstances. The music and sound effects make full use of the N.E.S.' full sound capabilities, the story is grand and epic even by 16-bit standards, and the graphics, are bright, catchy, and visually appealing. This game had the N.E.S. graphic system running on all cylinders, as it utilized some unique tricks usually only seen on a Super N.E.S., and the graphics even approached the standards of early Super N.E.S. outings! :) This game proved that a great video game experience doesn't have to come out for a more powerful video game system. Despite having less, this game made the N.E.S. put out more than it had ever done before, and let Nintendo fans know that the N.E.S. was, is, and would always fight to the end. And when the system finally WAS retired, it went out like a champion! 8) I enjoyed this game and I highly recommend it to players looking for a fun, retro challenge! :!: Enough said, true believers! ;)