Still a classic for me.

User Rating: 8.5 | Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari NES
Kirby's Adventure was one of the last NES games to come out since it was released in 1993 which is pretty late since Nintendo was well into the SNES generation.However old technology doesn't stop Kirby's Adventure to be one of the most memorible games i've ever played.As this game is Kirby's second adventure as well.Now the story is that King Dedede is stealing the Dreams in all of Dream Land and now it's up to Kirby to get them back and make sure that Dreams are Put back in it's right place.Not much for a story but most NES games don't need a story to be good.Now when you first start the game you will notice how amazing the graphics are for NES standards.This is the best your going to get on the 8-Bit machine and this is what I would like to call pushing your system to the limits as everything has vibrant visuals and everything has a nice touch of 8-Bit detail.The platforming is great in this game but sometimes it a bit too easy and you can rarely find any challenge til you get to the last strech of the game.Kirby also has a new copy ability as he is able to Suck Up enemies again but this time he will get a speical power.It can something like Fire,A Sword,Lighting and much more.The boss battles have their own unique feeling twords them but like I said before a bit too easy for my tastes.But you do get to battle a giant Tree,The Sun and Moon,Meta Knight and King Dedede himself.Their's alot more bosses but im not going to spoil it.Their are also some short fun minigames like Catching Eggs and Playing a Crane game.I felt their were pretty fun and it gives the game variety.Overall Kirby's Adventure is a great NES that will keep alot of you busy and it's still a great classic.However the easy Difficulty and somewhat short lenth may keep others away.But this still a great NES game to own.Try it out for yourself.