The game that made the world truly put Kirby on the map

User Rating: 7 | Kirby's Adventure NES

Having just beat Dream Land I decided to go on to Kirby's Adventure because I wanted to stay on my Kirby high and see how far I can take it. Starting out it really felt like the full fleshed out Kirby experience many have come to love, and more nostalgia came back to me as if I played it before. I think as a child I rent this game when I had a NES and played on other files instead of starting my own. I was rather young so I didn't quite understand the game as it really isn't too forward about where to go. But having my Kirby high I figure it was time to finally beat this game and boy was I surprised when I pretty much beat it the same day I beat the first one. I suppose Kirby games aren't that long, but I really didn’t expect that to happen.

I really don't know what it is about the simplistic NES graphics, but they always get me excited to play any game and with how colorful Kirby's Adventure was it drew me in more. A lot of the game is rather pretty high end on the graphics for a NES game. I mean there are a lot of small cut-scenes, flashy animations, and a lot of really cool power ups. It really is a wonder how far we came when the game itself gets slowed down by just a few amount of enemies on the screen compared to this day and age. And yet I really just liked how it looked and loved the music and sounds. This is pretty much where all the generally remembered Kirby music comes from, butter building specifically. So it really is nice to hear the NES chip-tune version of the song, it really brings you back to the ye olde NES games.

Kirby's adventure adds a lot of new features that the original dream land doesn't have, mainly being able to copy abilities. A lot of the abilities are really cool and can help deal with difficult boss fights and obstacles along the way so the game never gets too challenging, but still provides to be challenging. The addition of mini games adds a nice little break every now and again as a lot of the mini-games are fun to mess around with, and lives being somewhat more precious in Kirby's Adventure make it all the more worth it. Kirby's adventure also happens to be far longer than the first game, most likely taking somewhere between 6-9hrs to beat compared to Dream Land's 40mins to an hour. Kirby's Adventure also has a bit more of an understandable story behind it, and has a few surprise twists in the end that make Adventure really remember-able down the road. Overall Kirby's Adventure is just a colorful wonder of bliss and pure joy.

Final Thoughts:

Kirby's Adventure manages to set up Kirby's franchise quite well, with the addition of the copy ability, Kirby was able to set the world on fire and climbed into many gamer’s hearts, even mine it seems. While it certainly isn't the greatest game out there, it certainly is a classic, and base that sets up a wonderful series. All around Kirby’s Adventure is a good game that provides a lot of entertainment for anyone.