After you play most of the Kirby games, it starts to be come redundant. But other than that the game is cool.

User Rating: 7.5 | Byeol ui Kieby: Dauphin Ildang ui Seupgyeok DS
After playing for a couple of hours, I was dissapointed that the game was almost like every other Kirbly game I've played, which a few new dub powers and attacks. You go around sawllowing cute enemies and taking therir powers..nothing new. But Its still relativly fun. I wish there was some type of online mode though. The graphics are smooth as usual. The colors are great and vibrant! The sound is fine, But I hope that someday they change that dreadful backround music. Its the same in almost every game!! I wish the gameplay was a little different. The controls are easy... maybe a little too easy. I dont mind an easy game once in a while but I need a challange once in a while. The only REAL challange is getting 100%. Finding all of the hidden treasure chests. That and a couple of boses. Sometimes you may have a challange with your bottom screen. You can only hold 5 items down there. Things get in the way when fighting and trying to obtain important items at the same time. But overall the game is pretty neat.