Cute overdose guaranteed! I love it & danced my way to the top over and over again trying to get all the goodies.

User Rating: 8.5 | Pinky Street: Kira Kira * Music Hour DS
I was excited to hear that this game was translated into English. Even though it was only released in the UK/EU, I was able to scoop this title up. Anyhow if you like games with cute characters, catchy midi's, and the ability to collect hundreds of pixel-ated goodies you will enjoy this game as much as I have...

This game is an overload of flashy lights and ...cute. Hit the stylus to the colored lights that pop up to the rhythm of the music. As you play you unlock new areas to explore and conquer with your new dancing skills. You also are able to collect various items by playing songs (ie. hairs, tops, bottoms, and 1-piece sets). These pieces are unlocked after each song if you completed it successfully.
Also there are two modes of game-play (easy and normal), they are both relatively easy... I have just played normal to give myself more of a challenge and it is not that hard at all. What is difficult is trying to unlock all of the items - some of which seem incredibly rare.

Being able to play with your friends on this game is its best feature -in my opinion-. You can play both with people who have the game and who don't have the game. If you dance with someone who has the game you are given the opportunity to unlock more items - even if you lose. I also loved how you can trade with friends (since it is so hard to unlock items I found this a redeeming factor). Also if you ever get a chance to complete a trade there is a incredibly cute animation of you and your friend's character exchanging presents (it made my day, hehe~)

Once you complete the game, you are able to continue on and play it again with all the items you have previously unlocked. Therefore you can try and get more items as you play the story over. I find the game-play fun so I can easily come back to the game. Also once your in-game popularity gets to a certain level, new items become available in the shop -- however, by that point I had already randomly won half the new shop outfits. Yet it makes me wonder if at a certain point new items will again be made available...