Don't Buy This!!Seriousy

User Rating: 1 | King's Knight NES
Ok first i want to put up the gameplay of this game Kill the dragons, and save the princess. 4 different kind of heroes to pick...ok either of who you picked of those four you'll just get killed no matter what...which this game is obviously a disaster the graphics don't even asked about it since it is worse...the only think is the music were just right considering a legend called nobuo uematsu, but still it is lacking if i give the music a 10 ratings i give it a 5/10, seriously if you're planning to rescue the princess well go on afteralll you won't even succee, i don't even know why square made this game its just completely a disasters

So anyone out there who's planning to buy this crap game, please do not or you might wanna throw it to the garbage and think of you money you wasted on this game

Probably the worst game i've ever played on DS ....