A pioneer of 3D RPGs, the original King's Field is a true classic for any adventurer.

User Rating: 10 | King's Field II (PlayStation the Best) PS
The mysterious island of Melanat....

The beginning of king's field places you washed ashore on a mysterious island. Many legends say that the island is home to a great evil, and no one should try to go there. These tales ring true as every part of this island is inhabited by creatures of evil, wandering the uncharted passageways that lead across the island.

The very first and possibly greatest thing you'll notice about king's field is it is entirely open for exploration. Where many may see this as a flaw, I personally find the rewards for exploring and discovering to be well worth the vague direction you are given at the beginning of the game. It is much more like real life would be, you are sent to an island to investigate the dissappearance of the King's men, retrieve the moonlight sword and vanquish the evil at the center of the island. When is there ever an instruction book for those sorts of things?!?

The redeeming quality of the game is that if you delve into it deeply enough, and allow yourself to be immersed by the story, it will all be revealed in very good detail...if you know where to look. Every person you meet has a relatively large amount of information they are willing to share, however they may not share it all the first time you speak, or without some coaxing (life on the island is difficult, if the information a person is willing to give you is valuable, they will expect something of value in return.)

King's Field has a very clean story line evolved around a highly detailed lore that was well planned out by the designers...a lore that continues faithfully to King's Field 2, another reason why it and its sequal are on my top ten games list. It is not difficult to become attached to the characters in the game that you interact with, whether it be saving them from the clutches of evil, or having them craft for you the ultimate sword to destroy evil.

The lore of the game not only involves the inhabitants and their history, but also the items you find throughout the island. Every weapon and armor has a story, and some of the very rare items play a very significant role in understanding the history of Melanat and the Dragon god Guyra. The uniqueness of each piece of equipment will drive a player to be sure they have collected all the items the game has to offer...even if they are rare drops off difficult monsters.

There are very few barriers in this game that keep you from delving very deep into the island at low levels. Virtually every area is open for exploration if you can stay alive long enough to look. There are a few places that are keyed off or sealed for the last parts of the game, but for the msot part this is as free roaming an adventure game as you will find, even more so than its sequel. Because of this intricately designed interior of the island, there are tons of hidden pathways, pitfalls and invisible bridges that can lead you almost anywhere imaginable to find unique weapons, armor and equipment, or maybe just give another look at the lore of the game.

From start to finish King's Field should be able to keep your interest without a problem, and the more and more you find out about the game the more likely you will want to finish it and defeat the Dragon god Guyra. The graphics arent flashy, but the design is solid...and the game boasts a fantastic soundtrack courtesy of Sound Kids Inc. (which by the way did King's Field 2 which was also awesome). With many levels, magics, items and gear to collect, King's Field is a must play for any RPGer.