This is not for eveyone, and it doesn't try to be. But for the target audience, it is a gaming gold mine!!!

User Rating: 10 | King's Field: The Ancient City PS2
King's Field is just one of those niche games. It's slow, unintuitive, hard, and the controls will seem muddy in comparison to other games, but for the fans of the series (There were 3 games before this one, on PS1) or just fans of hard core RPGs, especially first-person RPGs, this is an incredible game. Oblivion this is not, but it never tried to be an uber-RPG. It is what it is.

The graphics here are great. Not "God of War great", but they're smoothly done and easy on the eye. Fantastic level design too, with no transitions between areas, and no loading times either!

The story is simple, yet superbly done and unique in it's own way.

The controls work excellently once you get used to them. Yeah, dual thumbstick controls would have made more sense, but this was before their time, and they would not really have made the game any easier to play.

It is difficult, which is great for someone who is sick of easy-ass RPG games. Get;s a lot easier once you really get the controls down and figure out how not to die as much.

Delightful soundtrack.

The environments in this game really take the cake. The city really does feel ancient, as do it's cultures and legends.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are truly willing to give King's Field a chance after reading this, this game is definitely for you. I haven't completed it yet, but I'm about 20+ hours in, and I look forward to the conclusion.