A first person RPG that lives up to the hype.

User Rating: 9.1 | King's Field: The Ancient City PS2
As a player of the previous 2 King's Field games I already knew what to expect in terms of gameplay and control. This RPG is a little slow to develop but as the game progresses you will find it hard to put down. Playing in first person view might be a little hard to accept for most RPG players but the controls are easy to master and soon you will learn to really enjoy it. Its a different feel than other RPG games. There is a variety of weapons that are available for sale and also to find as you venture throughout the land. Also many different magic abilities make things easy while fighting monsters. The monsters themselves have a decent A.I. and will corner you and gang up on you if your not carefull. Fighting a room full of skeletons can be fun and dangerous at the same time. As for the other monsters, the designers did a good job with the graphics and look as some are larger than the screen and some small as rats. Of course you start out at level 1 but you build up your strength by killing low level monsters and then move up to more difficult foes. Learning to move around is a huge bonus as turning from left to right can be a little sluggish but the straffing from side to side is quick and can be used to a great advantage while fighting faster foes. Large colorful environments fill the world of King's Field so your not always in caves or dark places. Plus a big bonus for me is the reappearing of enemies after you leave the area for a short time. This helps greatly with leveling up your character so your not forced to fight stronger enemies before your ready to do so. Anyone who enjoys RPG games and is looking for something a little different would really enjoy playing this game. Going through the levels and fighting tough Bosses is a great way to keep your attention.