A cult following classic.

User Rating: 8.5 | King's Field III (PlayStation the Best) PS
This game is not for everybody. What i mean is, some players don't like the controls, the slow speed of some of the weapons {when attacking}, Moving etc. But if you give this game a chance... You will love it, And will probably try to hunt down the other King's Field games in the series.

- Great mid evil RPG atmosphere.
- Big area's and dungeons to explore in first-person view.
- Good music.
- Not too linear

- The slow controls and movement can turn some people off.
- The graphics for the NPC's are not that great.

Just some info i wanted to share: If you like this series.. Then make sure you get: Eternal Ring for PS2, Shadow Tower for PS1, Shadow Tower: Abyss for PS2 {in Japanese unless you have the English patch}. Also, The very first King's Field was only released in japan, So just get the patch for that too {Google them}.