It had me hooked from the opening and only disapointed me when it was over. I was salavating for more!

User Rating: 10 | King's Field III (PlayStation the Best) PS
This is what a classic rpg should be! Where to start? I know, the beginning (LOL). The game starts off kind of slow, but believe it or not, this is a good thing! It is beneficial to the player by allowing them to get used to some of the nuances of movement and combat. If you haven't played any of the series before, don't get discouraged by multiple deaths in the begining. By playing around a bit for a half-hour to an hour, you will be able to proceed with something akin to confidence. I tell you this so you are prepared. "No pain, no gain." Stick with it and you will be rewarded immeasurably. The 3D style environments provide a nice backdrop to the story and immerse the player into the game. For those of you who have played other games in this series, the environments are brighter and more colorful than the other games. Even though it was released on the PS one, graphically, it could still stand up to quite a few top games out there now. The game is played in a first person style so you can imagine yourself there. This game therefore should also appeal to FPS fans. The storyline can be a little blurred and forgotten at times, but the true fun of this game is the world exploration and variety of monsters that "Need a Bash'n." There is a wide variety of weapons and armor at your disposal and a nice compliment of spells to go with them. The only thing negative thing I can say about it is that I wish that there were a few more NPCs and a side quest or two. There are few NPCs to interact with, and the storyline is basically linear. All in all though, this is still one of my favorite games to this day.