one of my fav games of all time

User Rating: 9 | King's Field III (PlayStation the Best) PS
Graphics - game was released early in the ps one's life, so it was a little dated. but it was still nice to see 3D back rounds. it was awesome back then. the textures really set the mid evil feel of the game.

game play - i love it. the controls are slow but hey, it wouldnt be kings field if they were faster. i love the item system too. the magic is cool, allthough i couldnt find every magic for some reason. and finding every weapon was hard to do.

sound - i love the music. sets the mood. i have good memories when i listen to this music when i play {back in 95, 94}.

replay value - its ok, after all these years its cool to play again.

additional comments - buy it on ebay. and get all the other ones including eternal ring, kings field 1 japan version, shadow tower 1 and 2.

thanks for reading!