Who needs hype when you have a quality product like this.

User Rating: 10 | King's Bounty: The Legend PC
People who think this is meant to be a pure strategy game like HOMM or something, and compare directly it to HOMM are mistaken.

Yes the battle system looks and is very similar too HOMM, but that is where it ends. The rest of the game is pure RPG and a very good quality one.

The over world map you travel in real time, not turns. You don't own multiple heroes or castles. One hero, with his army size depending on his ability of leadership. You can't stack endless amount of creatures because in this game you are limited by how good your leadership skill is, which makes it a bit more interesting. The hero has a skill tree similar to WoW's or Diablo's skill trees. The enemy armies move and chase you to an extent.

The world has plenty of stuff to find and explore and the graphics are very nicely detailed and animated, more than I have seen in any PC game of this kind. The music is perfectly fitting and very well done.

Game play is well balanced and you have lots of choices on how to solve quests, build you character and your army. Each creature has special abilities you can use if you choose, along with your spells. Common sense things are in the game, like archers don't seem do much damage to skeletons, and priest do more damage against undead for example.
There is more, like getting married, summoning these guys, sort of like summoning in Final Fantasy games, that fight for you after building up rage type stuff.

I haven't seen too many games as well polished and quality as this.