King's Bounty: The Legend

User Rating: 8 | King's Bounty: The Legend PC

After having played Heroes of Might and Magic III for many years, I figured I'd give King's Bounty a go after hearing it was the precursor to HoMM. A worthy precursor it is! This particular version was made after HoMM, but the overall idea was not. Anyway, you choose between playing a warrior, a paladin, or a mage and beat up monsters in an amazing tactical turn-based RPG the likes of HoMM. There are tons of interesting enemies (though they're named very lamely, like "bowman" and "horseman" :P) and spells and even continents. There's a good deal of exploration throughout the game and the dialogue is outright hilarious at times. The game isn't too short, either; I got a good 50 hours or so out of it and enjoyed it very much; I'll be moving on to its sequel, King's Bounty: Armored Princess. For King's Bounty: The Legend, though, I'd say it definitely deserves a 7.5/10.

So, a summary:


- Very interesting and fun game mechanics.

- Hilarious dialogue.


- Navigating can be a pain in the butt sometimes; it'd be really helpful if you could see where you can return a quest, for example.

- Running around and around to grab more units gets a little annoying, but I understand this is one consequence of this kind of game.

- There's a lot of waiting, either with gathering troops, or waiting for your mana to refill, or trying to find an enemy that isn't too overpowering. - There is something a little off-putting about the game, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Annndddd, Reaper is King. So many amazing abilities. :)