More King's Bounty? It's already X-mas?

User Rating: 7.5 | King's Bounty: Crossworlds PC
A little disclaimer:
I use to write very long review, but in this specific situation, for KB: Armored Princess – Crossworld, being an expansion of a game I will not waste too many energies nor words. This why I'm assuming that a reader of this page already know the original game; if not you can always read my review for the original game.

After this clarification, let me say that as a great fan of the King's Bounty saga I was pleased when I found this expansion. Leaving behind the high quality of the original game I will talk at once about the content of the Crossworlds package. Overall the expansion offers two new mini campaigns, some contents for the original Armored Princess, and, finally, an editor for create your own adventures.

The first mini campaign see your character fights in an underground arena versus all the bosses of the original game. Obviously in the surrounding you will find all you need to perform this task. This campaign is a good occasion to try again some bosses using different units and strategies whenever you want. Second campaign sees the back of Amelie in her attempt to gain the rank of Defender of the Crown. Little princess will face a bunch of fights under different conditions adding some dept to the normal battles.

Orcs on the March is the main addition to the game and works as expansion for the original Armored Princess adding new units, spells, quests etc, etc.
No further steps was done about graphical look and sound, however still pleasant, while game balancing was slightly adjusted. For example was eliminated the money's lack early noticeable for almost half of the game. Orcs and goblins units got the bigger change to their gamestyle. Those units now got some virtual score of "Adrenaline". More is gathered during fight more the units become powerful and able to use their most powerful abilities.

Final Line
In presence of a similar package the problem is not to value the full game, but the ability of the new contents in appealing old fans. Crossworlds provides some nice add on to the game, but, likely, not much as a King's Bounty's fan would want.
We can say that if you still haven't played the original Armored Princess, the pair with Crossworlds will give you one of the best hybrid strategy/rpg ever created (thinking even that the original game can be easily found for less than ten dollars).
A player that just completed Armored Princess, likely will judge the content of Crossworlds too deficient to take again the full adventure.
The expansion surely will like to King's Bounty fans, while even people already played some time ago the original game could take the chance to wander again for Teana's realm.

Final Score: 7.5