expecting a lot more for $20

User Rating: 5 | King's Bounty: Crossworlds PC
basically it is just armoured princess (great game, buy it if you dont have it) all over again with a few new items and quest. i'm really disappointed as i played through AP 2 times and even with the new items it will be hard to do it again. I woudn't have minded them using the old maps but i expected a new adventure at least (like AP characters on the original game map but new story).

just not worth $20 and the Game Spot review did not do a good job. I was expecting the 'mini compaigns' to have been actual games instead of 30 minute on rails sets of 4-5 boss fights with no world to explore. I wish i could get Gamepot to refund my $20 since i relied on that very poorly done review to make my buying decision.

almost at the ridiculous 800 word limit so i'll try to write some more to make the character limit that is very large for a mini review.