Still worth a play despite it's shortcomings...don't buy if over $10

User Rating: 5.5 | Kingpin: Life of Crime PC
let's cut to the chase, here's the good:
The flunkies will follow you almost anywhere and actually help you in a fight, even dieing in the process! They also keep up with you and if you loose them, they will spawn near you anyway.

You can loot the corpse for goodies.

Able to upgrade weapon at the pawn o matic.

The environment looks "real" dirty and run down.

Taunts said by the guys when they are chasing you

Body damage, you can see how badly they are hurt...they trail blood :o)

Here is the BAD STUFF:
The characters look flat despite being 3D...and ugly

Cypress hill music (what there is) is PATHETIC

the street talk is really lame

The enemy has xray vision and sniper skills

Juvenile use of cuss words, made it seem cheap

flame thrower sucked along with the grenade launcher and rocket launcher.

shooting people would leave marks, damage, but burning them did nothing! they would return to "normal" with no visible damage or any reaction to getting burned!?!