Kingpin: Life of Crime Cheats For PC

  1. Secret Weapon in Demo

    The secret weapon in the Kingpin demo, which was mentioned in the readme file, is the flamethrower! To get the flamethrower, go to the place with the old car in the map SR3. After you killed the dogs and picked up the battery, jump onto the roof of the car and shoot it. Then bang on or shoot the bottom until it breaks, revealing a box. DON'T SHOOT IT! Instead, bang on it with the crowbar or lead pipe to pick up the flamethrower. Now that you have it, go NUTS! But be warned: there's only 50 flamethrower ammo to be found.

    Contributed by: UnknownMercenary 

  2. Cheat codes

    Edit the file AUTOEXEC.CFG (found in Kingpin's ''Main'' directory) and add the following line:
    set developer 1

    You may now enter the following codes by pressing the single quote (`) key while playing and typing the desired code in the console window.

    Effect Effect
    give cash 100 Dollars
    give weapons all weapons
    give all all weapons, ammo and health
    give armor full armor
    give health full health
    immortal immortality
    give (item) special item
    noclip walk through walls
    give (weapon) weapon

    Contributed by: jkavalski 

  3. Level Selection

    Enable the console by using this command to create a shortcut : c:\kingpin\kingpin.exe +developer 1. Run the game from this shortcut. Once in the game, press the ~ key and type these commands to automatically go to these levels.

    Effect Effect
    map bike Bike
    map pv_b Blanco Industries
    map bar_st Boiler Room
    map bar_rv Club Swank
    map sy2 Das Boot
    map bar_sr Jax
    map sy_h Lizzie's Problem
    map pv_1 Louie's Errand
    map sr3 Mean Streets
    map steel4 Moker Shipping
    map pv_boss Nikki Blanco
    map sy1 Pier Pressure
    map pv_h Poisonville
    map bar_sy Salty Dog
    map sewer Sewers
    map sr1 Skidrow
    map steel2 Steel Mill
    map steel3 Steel Processing
    map steel1 Steeltown
    map sr2 Super
    map sr4 The Jesus

    Contributed by: Nickclone2 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by UnknownMercenary 28K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by DEngel 67K