Dont sweat the little things

User Rating: 8 | Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning PS3
OK so I reviewed the game when it first came out and gave it a 9/10. After playing through 75 hours and beating it, I change the score to an 8. For some good reasons.
Amalur has some of the best action rpg gameplay in any game to date, fluid combat and magic system that gets uber powerful near the upper levels. I recommend using melee or stealth in the early areas because magic doesnt get powerful until level 25 or so, but when it does, it one-shots most mobs of enemies.
Enemies are varied but tend to just pallet swap after a while.

Environments shine, the large world map areas are awesome and colorful. Unfortunately the dungeons are very similar to one another and really dont add any sort of variation to the world. The Expansions add a lot of newness to the game and are worth buying. There is TOO much loot. I love loot, but more than 90% of what you find is garbage and you get flooded with it constantly making you have to drop or destroy the items just to clear room in your inventory. A portable merchant would have been a good addition. The weapons and armor are very cool, very WoW-ish and big and cool looking.

The crafting system is useless, making armor and weapons and potions is completely useless as you find new weapons and better constantly and potions come at you at a crazy fast rate, i have never had to buy anything but health potions a few times. Repairing your gear is also a useless feature. It doesnt make sense to have to waste money every few hours just to repair your stuff. The game is LONG, too long even. I spent 40 hours in the first of four zones just questing and doing side quests. The quests are great and varied and not just go kill 10 of these or get me this, they have substance, but theres just too many.
I finally got sick of the game and decided to just book it to the end. If you follow just the main quest line it shouldnt take you more than a few hours to beat the game, IF you are leveled up enough by then though. I am level 45 and enemies at the end arent easy, so being leveled and having good gear is a plus.

I wanted to do all of the quests in the game but I just am so tired of the game. I booked it through the last zone and just went right for the end boss. Story was ok, very forgettable by the time you finish because of all the stories within it.

All in all, if you want a solid adventure RPG then go for it. The game is very good by comparison to the garbage being put out lately.