RE-Reckoning (a review of the remaster released in 2020)

User Rating: 9 | Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning PC

When I played reckoning back in the day I loved the game, what's not to love, great combat, artstyle, voice acting, heaps of content, and an addicting loot system. This game is in a class of its own and how it never got cultstatus has numerous reasons, for once the competition was enormous then with games like skyrim, dark souls and dragon's dogma.

But the game had also one fatal flaw, it was simply too easy, even on the hardest difficulty, for a somewhat seasoned action rpg player, you became overpowered too fast, and that can be a real dealbreaker for a game that is based around loot and combat.And this during a time where dark souls became popular because of the difficulty. The artstyle is not for everyone either. However that artstyle stood the test of time way better than any other game from that era.

That is because reckoning never tried to be realistic, the artstyle is simply a lot more timeless. Sure stuff like elemental effects, shading, lighting and shadowing does show its old roots, but the overall artstyle and textures does hold up perfectly. That is not the case with other games from that era, even the remaster from skyrim, dragon's dogma and dark souls simply look old, that is not the case with amulur.

You would find that hard to believe if you still remember the console versions of KOA but the console versions didn't run at very high resolutions, even if you had a pc, you needed somewhat of a graphics card to max out this game on 1080p.

But even then, they did update the graphics on this game, they are crispier and some textures has been changed a bit to make them look like current gen, and they do. The game has been touched up to the point when you run this game at 2X supersampling at 1080p the game looks fantastic, and I'm sure even the X1 version will be good as well.

Everything in this fantasy world is really a pleasure to behold. The game has afterall amazing art direction, and the music , voice acting and sound effects are great.

and last but not least, they did fix the difficulty as well, the very hard mode is really the way to go on this game (which you didn't had in the original version). I died numerous times, making the hunt for that precious loot all so interesting.

I know there are a lot of reviews on this game that migitate this remaster. But if you love those action rpg's from back in the day where you were druling over the loot and the artwork, where you just want to play on.Then by all means do yourself a favor, and get this re-reckoning, because they simply don't make em like this anymore.