So I'm getting this game soon...

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Any tips? I like to play as a Warrior so I'll make a Warrior build. The thing is that when I played the demo there wasn't a specialization for things like blocking and swordfighting. So what should I rank up? I'm planning to go go with a sword and shield and be a dedicated warrior build.

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I got the game a few weeks ago, it's actually good to stick mostly to "pure" might, finesse or sorcery when starting out with one exception, If you are building the might tree, you will need a solid long/mid range weapon from the finesse or sorcery tree. The Chakrams from the Sorcery Tree are my favorite by far as my secondary mid/long range "crowd control" weapon. According to my play style at least, I found the great sword much more useful than the longsword or hammer. try them all and see what works best for you.
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Rethink your build. Pure builds don't work here. I got a fitness/sorcery character. I dodge(blink) around with my daggers when I need speed, and if this was skyrim you could go through the entire game like that just fine ... but you need crowd control because dodging(blinking) isn't going to get you out of every situation in the clouds. Eventually some weak dudes will get you in a corner and take turns hitting you every half a second. You avoid that by switching to your staff and pulling out the spells.

Don't think about it like a typical RPG. The class upgrades are tick based, not point based ... for example, weapon skill has 5 or 6 ticks to upgrade in total, it's not based on 0/100 points like TES games are. You get 3 ticks per level. So it's really easy to cross class. If you go might/sorcery (warrior/mage) you'll still be able to wear heavy armor because your armor requirements are based on the total number of points invested in the category (might or sorcery).