DLC worth $10 each?

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Bought this game at release but ignored the DLC.

Would like to hear some opinions on whether the DLC's are worth $10 each. Do they each add significant things to the game? I see for the second DLC one of the features says improved graphics. Can't find any info on what exactly is improved.

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I only played the teeth one so far. It's good for an evening or two ... some people (me) had a problem with the armor reward you get at the end. Some people don't get one of either the boots or the gloves. I played it later on and already had something better anyway so it was no big deal. Decent enough for $10 bux I guess.

I haven't played the other one though but I know there is a player house included.

I didn't notice anything different about the graphics besides the models and textures in the DLC itself. A few new baddies, a new race and city, that sort of thing.