Baronette's HP bar got stuck after the fight

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Baronette's HP bar got stuck after the fight and I cant save. Someone help me pls. Any solution for this? Tyvm.

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I played 3 times from the beginning till the end and honestly i didnt had any glitches.You play on pc or console?I updated to 1.2 patch and i had no glitches,no stucking in a place no hp glitch.Here a suggestion: patch to 1.2,if doesnt help,i know it may not be a good solution but it may work,use a FLING trainer where you can 1 hit kill anything when the hp is stuck or before is stuck maybe it clears it out.If you dont know and you want the trainer PM.

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Hey Ty Cyclon. I replayed it again and this time i didnt press anything during reckoning and it works. Im on pc btw. TY.
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Right, I doubt anyone will help me out, but I have this same problem. Except, EVERY time after the fight, his health bar stays up. I've tried deactivating reckoning mode when he reaches the start quicktime state, which usually kills people, instead it brings him back to life and you need to hit him once again. I've also tried simply not entering quicktime, he just stays on the ground. I've tried not pressing anything in the quicktime, nothing changed. However, the main thing different when fighting him, than anyone else, is that he has the quicktime state, however when approached, it also says "talk to the Baronet." Even during combat, which I would guess is the problem, something about that bugs the game entirely.