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I know I've been gone for a while, and I do regret it, but the good news is, I'm back. I discovered that they are bringing KUF back to a good direction to korean fans outbursting over the generic korean MMO feel they were doing the KUF2, and it mattered. So, I come here to bring not just myself, but the community back. KUF Union is updated a bit, and I plan to keep it that way. As for KUF info, I will post as much as I can. I hope someone is still on these boards, cause it would be nice to have teammates to go into battle with when KUF2 releases reportedly this year.

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Woot!! Second post in the first fully Gamespot forum!!!

On another note, I did read that thing you posted in the Union, can you post the links to the specific stuff that you said you translated? I'd like to read it as well. :D

PS: OMG!! now we can edits our posts!

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Welcome back Destrond :)
Ill check out the Union now  

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It's still an MMO.

Thus it still sucks.

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Can you be more specific. Last time we checked, it was garbage. What is it that they have changed? Single player compaign perhaps??


and welcome back :D

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Guess even the Koreans didnt like the generic mmo aproach it had. Maby they should of just stuck with the core formular

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Not sure why they moved away from the core formular anyway, I mean it worked didn't it?

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So wait whats going on with this now is it only being released in korea or is it still going to be released in the u.s.a too?