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Recently I stalking around the Kingdom Under fire official website and found some very recent articles like today. Heres the links

The articles basically talks about the release date for KUF II, but for South east-Asia. It was kinda obvious that the realease for kuf 2 was set for 2013. Bummer I know. One of the articiles contains a new video, showing a two armies clashing in the middle of the map. If you guys are interested you can read its enough. I can't wait for this game.

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#2 Posted by mingolo (3071 posts) - 2014 for western version of the game? lol great, ps4 will be out by then and this will be both old news and old graphics,  not that I care anymore

This reminds me of when I got flamed in here for saying the release date would be as late as 2012 or later...turns out I was right