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this may sound weird, out of the blue, or even crazy. I've been poking around the gamestop forum for quite a while, well more like a ghost really. Its seem like you're the go to guys for a game called Kingdom under fire. I've notice you guys post around the kingdom under fire II forums recently and its seems like you guys opinions are interesting. It may sound weird, but I was wondering if you can give a kingdom under fire lover some advice?

Is it a 100% positive that Kingdom under fire II is coming to the USA? I would love to learn Korean, but "We ain't got time for that"

Do you think is worth it to get the word out on how great Kingdom Under Fire is?

Since i'm writing to people who love and hate kuf. Would you guys or people in general be interested in watching me play various of Kingdom under fire games on twitch.tv? Maybe have some conversations on the lore or even the upcoming kufII. Even though I planned on play kuf on twitch.tv anyways. Right now I'm in the process of setting up all the equipment I need to start.

I know i'm my own man, but to reach a certain goal people that have the same goal can feel twice as rewarding if accomplished together.


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Kingdom under fire2 will go to NA with English Version, so don't worry too much about that. We have spent lots of time for developing Kingdom under fire2 for Global Fans not just for Korean Fans. Please wait more few months with patience, we will prepare English CBT version for Fans in NA and other world soon. we appreciate your patience and love. From Blueside, developer of Kingdom under fire2
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An actual developer of blueside? *suspicious face*

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a could of months ago i posted about playing kuf: heroes online using a free program that allows people to play on xbox live on sundays or saturdays, but i never got a response back

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oddly enough you check his history and he joined oct 2012, and thats his only post ever, kinda inclined to believe it is a dev. Open beta in NA they say, this can't be much longer away :D


Xbox original can't play online anymore > source: me, ex xbox/microsoft employee.

360 doesn't support bc play of heroes either, total fail.

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this is one of many programs that allows for free online play of Xbox live games, theres also another one that allows online system link but i cant remember the name