Bads news from Blue side part 1

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i find some info in Korean of the steel of the motor inge (fame tech) from a Chinese game company read the intervew of the president from blueside:


Identity technology "Blue Side. Lee, president just leaked by copyright laws will

"Blue Side positions in technology development has been sold out in one game, jammed the future of our technology leakage problem!"

. Lee, president of the problem is the identity conflicts with Games (year) represent the electric 1996 Phantagram first generation of game developers now have established that has led to the Blue Side, said in a tough tone.

The growth of the gaming industry, while the noise is happening in various parts of recent trademark and ownership issues, or DB technology leakage problem. Among them, the seriousness of the problem, but do not receive as much attention as serious yet meaningful conflict loomed. The most basic of game development, game engine technology over the spill, the identity argument with a Chinese game company Shanda Games (Electric representative year), and the first generation of game developers Blue Side (gimsejeong) was laid on a sharp conflict relationship.

Identity Games have been an investigation of the police and prosecutors to technology leakage problem in the past four days from a significant portion of prosecution was not guilty. About it. Lee, president of the "No convictions disposal of the prosecution's just judgment about whether trade secrets, copyright judgment on the game engine source code development is not" for "the legitimate rights of our identity Games against the corporation and its developers civil and criminal litigation, and has been considered "he said flatly.

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the part 2:


- How to dispose of the prosecution's No convictions did accept.

According to the decree of the police and prosecutors, is recognized and the part that the parties copying 7,000 files. No convictions in 3 weeks, prosecutors remanded summary indictments investigation has concluded. Really do not understand. The underlying engine of game development, technology without a lot of esoteric part, the victim stated the investigation ended.

Only trade secrets, or not? Prosecutors charged. According to data from the police and the prosecutors' investigation will be made to dispose of the No convictions for lack of care, confidentiality and the management did not. Licensing rights with development Amid recalls haebomyeon Microsoft to 3 alternately for me to watch the process of developing technology leakage problem seriously thinking was. Outflow point of suspects after missing five Mossi project is on vacation ahead of the leaves was when.

- What are the future plans.

Legitimate rights will recover. Important years of time you've spent developing unauthorized copying source engine game is a crime. To take this opportunity to some of the practices that are prevalent in the industry. Clearly draw the line that looks Moreover, Blue Side technology develop something new from scratch ohmyeonseo has grown. It does not recognize the right technology for the future of the company and is related to. Based game development has been recognized as part of the decree, obviously leaked. This alone can sue copyright and related content. Willing to be judged again by copyright law.

Blueside investment to the difficulty of the problem will be doing this for the money, but also visually.

A lot of unfair part. Company were a blue side that is making good money, you would hear the words Know to grasp the situation and was already in the mid of last year, the police investigation began at the end of last year. At that time, our financial situation was difficult. At the same time, and NHN Hangame had to deal also narrowed considerably comments. Investment is being delayed only because of internal changes NHN Hangame investment in recent years was on the other side would finish is rarely discussed is the situation. Identity Games untouchable real benefits come back to us right now, do not. We are technology based on the company it is our only asset. Unauthorized use core technology in this way, if not the future of the Blue Side.

- As a developer, if you want to say.

The majority of developers fraud becomes larger effort to study and if these things do not have to. Domestic developers that are not X-Box video game development and investment, and if we like to the basics of the game from the game engine to develop more collapse can not. Success that it is more important to go through the process, but legitimate.

Domestic companies, especially in the Chinese game makers have good technology or content gathered the most recent capital of 100% stake in the argument at all. In this case, the domestic technology in the country, but the Chinese side move. Technology, we have developed fooled other companies will go beyond the Chinese side. We've got to stop this if the game industry will be able to achieve sustainable development.

Won, Chang - Sub reporter

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more info:


IdentityGames'Dragon Nest'developmentsourceon thebluesideof thegamedevelopmentprocessutilizedillegallydwaetneunjiintellectual property rights,whetherstudiotwo roundswere confronted.

11,BlueSideIdentityGames,part ofthe developer,claimingthedevelopmentofitsassetsfrom unauthorizeduse,theidentityGamesagainstthecorporationand itsdevelopersto bringcivil and criminallitigationplans.

Take advantage oftheprogramtoimplement theauthoring toolsandspecial effectsused in the developmentsideof thegameBlueBlueisservedonthesidemoved totheidentityGamesMoMoand Mr.Kim, Mr.,is accused ofusingin the productionofDragon Nest.

TheGyeonggi Provincial Police Agencywasinvestigatingthe incident,twodevelopers,trade secretspillsand unauthorizeduse,according to theindictmentin the opinionwasremandedto theDistrict Attorneygames,Gyeonggiprovince,two developers,one ofthose whoSeongnamOfficeof theAttorney General's OfficeNo convictionsguy,aperson whopromiseswasfacingprosecutionfined.

SeongnamBranch ofthetime,withouttheconsentofBlueSideutilizingauthoring toolsforgame production,butacknowledgedthathalyongitfrommysideBluewas able totake advantage offreeaccess to the sourcegame development,stafftrainingtorecognizetrade secretstoconductthat is notwas judgedtobe",said thereason fordisposal.

BlueSide"independentjudgments abouttrade secretsandunauthorizedproduction toolsofleverageitselfrecognizedasthe prosecutiontocivil or criminallawsuitforcopyright infringement," hesaid.

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So its just saying Blueside screwed up and took someones engine?? Didn't really read it all sorta skimmed through... Can you make it into a few sentences?