Very pretty, but awful gameplay. NOT an RPG

User Rating: 1 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
How the heck this button mashing slash-fest has been categorized as an RPG I have no idea. Easy, very easy, doesn't even begin to describe the ridiculousness with which you wade through hordes of enemies. Story? Is there one? No really, is there? About as much of a story as there is in, say Doom 3 or the Quake series. Oh, yes, you do "level up", but all this amounts to is increasing Hit and Skill Points, oh, and "Luck". Yup, three stats, that's it. And yes, there are items, but just use the most powerful you have and you're golden. Past the VERY pretty exterior, this is just an empty shell action button masher with very few "RPG elements". A severe disappointment.

I did, however, very much like the "dream world" premise. Now, if only that were expanded upon, if you were allowed to choose to traverse one, or the other, or both, of course with full-on RPG gameplay, yes, then you'd have something. But this is SO far from that that you'd be very hard-pressed to justify spending even $1 on this stinker out of the "Used" bargain bin.