all around decent game

User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
This game has many ups and downs. one of them being the boring storyline, the single player was almost too boring to play unless you had a reason to, its a mindless hack-n-slash game but if you look past all the faults you find a pretty good game.
each level is full of randomly generated units to give it atleast a tiny bit of re playability if you have to. the bosses were worth playing especially if you've played the rest of the series and the characters had their own unique twists.
But It's pretty hard to become good at this game when the only weapon that is fully useable is one you find off a level 2 mob or if you find out about the synthesis system otherwise hidden in the rest of the gameplay.
synthesizing is the counter for a cruddy weapon system and all the magic is pretty much useless until level 40 so you have to have atleast played this for more than 8 hours to give a true opinion.

now on to the multiplayer:
the multiplayer in this game is the only thing worth playing and makes this seemingly boring 1 player game turn into a fun online diablo styled dungeon crawler with better graphics. if there was no glitching or duping on this game it could possibly be a good game.