An excercise in 'hunt the storyline'.

User Rating: 1 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
I purchased this game because it claimed to be an RPG. The problem is that, as an RPG fan, I have come to expect certain things from an RPG. Such as a storyline. Of any kind. At all.

The games starts out quite promising. You choose one of several characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, there's a bit of storyline (I was a vampire), and by a bit, I mean a couple of lines of dialog.

Then you wake up in a forest. After a bit of a 'hit some buttons' tutorial, you're off into the game. You run along, killing the huge numbers of lizardmen who all seem to have picked today for a forest stroll, picking up the various assorted items they conveniently drop on the floor as they die. After running along the path for a bit, the screen changes and you're into..... exactly the same thing again. Only with a few trees in different places.

Occasionally, you may come upon an idol, who can sell you stuff and pop some of your useless baggage into a holding area. You can also have a bit of a sleep, where you'll have a dream. This dream scene reminded me very much of the graveyard in a game called Shadow Hearts: Covenant (you also went to that one when asleep), however with less to do. And by less I mean nothing. Occasionally you may encounter a weird guy who can upgrade your abilities, but in order to use said abilities, you have to kill x amount of x.

I have infinite patience with many games, so I played on for several hours in the hope that if I just played long enough, I would find a storyline (I have played several RPGs where you had to play for several hours before a storyline actually began proper). However, I was eventually forced to conclude that there didn't seem to be one.

I did attempt to fill a couple of 'kill x of x' quotas to see if maybe the magic effects could somehow save the game. However, after spending a couple of hours killing everything, I finally came to the conclusion that my couple of hours rewarded me with a spell that sucked all my abilities while doing the equivalent of sneezing at the enemy.

Oh yes, the ability sucking. You have an amount of ability, and every time you do anything, at all, you use some of it. When it runs down, you can't swing your sword/shoot your bow etc. You have to use potions to replenish it. Yep, I know that potions are a staple of many an RPG, but in this case, I got the distinct impression that it had been thrown in towards the end when someone realised just how dull the combat really was.

All in all, you'll spend this game endlessly killing things in the same way, in much the same surroundings. However, you won't really know why you're doing it or who you're doing it for. There may be a storyline buried somewhere in this mess, but after 7 hours, I just gave up looking.