Great game, not for everyone

User Rating: 8.5 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
This is not a game for every one. Let me say the graphics are beautiful and the musical score can be very pleasent to listen to. The gameplay will please some and dissapoint others, all characters have one combo and the weapons have extra atrributes like counterattack or greed (which gives you more exp). Every character has at least 6 different looking suits of armor and the weapons have different forms to. There is also lot of magic spells that can be a pain to get cause you have to defeat certain monsters before you obtain them. Each attack and magic spell uses sp. Though sp refills itself it also depends on your accessories and weapons, mainly weapons. Each suit of armor, your weapons, and accessoires take a certain amount of sp and can also help refill it faster. The story is not the strongest I have ever seen but it is interesting at most. You will most likely spend hours trying to level up and getting new spells. Some people will love this game others will hate it. It is up to you.