Easy-going, hack-n-slash with rpg elements, great time waster.

User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
My personal opinion about this game(and that is the point of a user-review I presume) is that it isn't perfect, but it is still pretty fun anyway. I don't have access to online play, so my review only pertains to offline unpatched play. This game is really easy to just pick up and play. It has some interesting elements, such as synthesizing. I have a few game play issues with the game, however... It has things that are addressed by multiplayer, but are annoying in single player. I don't have access(or just never found it) to the attraction ability with some characters and so I miss out on drops. This can be frustrating as better gear is right where you can see it, but you can't get it. This is annoying, but not a show-stopper. I like this game because it is really relaxing to play. It is very simplistic and you can just spend hours leveling up and trying to get potions or enchantments. Overall, I enjoy this game and I have spent many hours playing it, I don't have an exact amount handy, but it is in the 60's at least. So, if you are looking for a laid back game that is slightly addictive, I recommend this game. If you want a game that will challenge you, look elsewhere.