Thank God it was only $6.

User Rating: 3 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
It appears that this game has an multiplayer option on Xbox Live which I don't participate in (I don't play well with strangers, lol). The one player RPG option was well....strange. The storyline started off with a small conversation and then you are tossed into a field fighting little lizards and big lizard kings. Once I got to the Buddha statue that apparently is the "store" I just turned the game off.

I player has to be given some kind of substance in the beginning of the game.
Had the story line started off with more story it might have been able to hold my attention. And it was a little difficult for me to figure out the menu system.

I gave it a 3 because the game.......well, it blows.

You have a choice of between 6 characters; the other 5 I didn't even bother playing. There is only one girl character and there are no customization options for their appearance (TES, DAO, and KoA got me spoiled).