The sequel to Crusaders, and the prequel to Kingdom under fire 2.

User Rating: 7.5 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
As you may have heard since 2009, KUF 2 has been in development for a long time. It has faced many hardships and almost a complete overhaul by adding MMO elements to the gameplay.

People were scared when they took this new direction on circle of doom by taking away the RTS elements that made the game so popular, so does it work?

To a degree, yes. If you ever wondered what they gameplay is like then I will make it simple. If you have played KUF crusader, or heroes, then it plays exactly like the controls when you are in battle mode. Two attack buttons, NO blocking, and a SP bar. Take away the rts elements and this is what you get. Sounds tedious right? correct. But the community for the game, somehow still lives and its a damn good time playing with people, or even a friend because you can pick up this game for $6, and that price is worth it.

Out of all the characters this game is deeply centered around 2 people. Regnier, and Kendal, For this game is INDEED going to be the prequel to KUF 2, so if you think this is a spin-off, its not. It takes place DIRECTLY after The Crusaders. Kendal and Regnier are going to have very big roles in the next game. So if you are into the lore, play the game just for them. The rest of the charecters stories seem weak and unispired and are meant to keep the game fresh and for the sake of a diffrent multiplayer experiance.

Playing the game alone is a rough ride. And can get boring quick and difficult. So play with a buddy and it makes it all the more interesting, its a good game when you play with a friend. We should all expect to see KUF 2 this year, so pick up this game and give it a go if your a fan of the series, if you arent a fan. you will hate this game until you die. just saying. Happy gaming