not bad, but not great.

User Rating: 6 | Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom X360
Well i enjoy some fantasy games here and there, but most of them just dont quiet hit the spot. This one looked interesting so i rented it .(i recommend doing this with all games before you buy them) well i started playing this and it seemed all right. until i got into the story line. it seemed to make sense with the rest of the series, but at the same time it was confusing as Heck. the graphics were very good, the landscapes were beautifully rendered. but one thing that ruined that was that there was one path that you had to follow, and you couldn't even move to far off it. the continual hack and slash was fun, and all the enemies you could face made it show that you really were a hero and that you were trying to accomplish something. I dont know if i would buy this game, but i would rent it again. It is at the point were its fun, but not so fun at the same time. the online capability is a nice added touch, but unless you have some friends who play this game, you might not have as much fun.
Overall its a good looking game, graphics are top notch, gameplay can seem a little repetitive at times, and the story line will seem very confusing unless you play very close attention. I have to say that i hope KUF III will be better. I think that this game tried to change the formula of the series, but didnt do as good a job as they could have.