Not A Bad Game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes PC
I am a pretty big fan of strategy games and this game of course proved that the genre had lost none of its classical gameplay. KUF is not exactly the greatest strategy game on the market but it is definately an underated game and is worth some of a gamers time.

The gameplay is the same as every other strategy war game out there build a camp,and destroy the enemy but of course there is a story mixed up in the fray of war. The basic gameplay takes many of its features from LOTR such as orcs and ogres and the like also there is some sexy elves in there (they arnt really my taste but you know). The story is based 50 years after a great war dubbed the war of heroes and in the two seperate campains it tells of how the lands of bersia are once again divided into a second war of heroes.

The graphics are not very good for a strategy game as there is a lot of flaws but nothing to wreck a great experience. The best feature of this game is the sound as it adds to a great experience with a mixture of egyptian style war tunes.

The game is definately worth a rent or if you can wait get the gold addition it improves and brings the game even over a score of 9.5 it is that damn good.