Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Press the enter key to activate the chat bar. Then type the following:

    Effect Effect
    ~baegopa 500,000 of all resources
    ~makemyday Activate cheats
    Hastalavista Automaticaly kills selected unit(s) or destroys building.
    ~simsimhae Fast build (works on both you and opponent)
    ~knowledgeispower Fast manna rejuvenation
    ~godblessu Full life
    ~amosbemerciful Full manna
    ~theuntouchable God Mode (v1.09 only)
    ~lickmybun Level Up (v1.09 only)
    ~dayspring Reveal map

    Contributed by: JChai, TCMonkey, NathanPS