Great game with immensively satisfying mixes with Final Fantasy & Disney characters. Truly a masterpiece.

User Rating: 9.5 | Kingdom Hearts PS2
Kingdom hearts is an immensively satisfying role- playing game that fills you with nostalgia, due to the mix of both Disney and final fantasy characters that shows up and surprises you when you first play the game. With use of Donald & Goofy, plus magic and summons, nothing stands in the way for Sora to save his friends. The gameplay is very easy to learn, but i can sometimes be a bit frustrating to use potions in tight situations. But except that, Kingdom hearts is truly a masterpiece filled Disney magic, beautiful music and worlds you never thought you would ever get to visit in a game. I suggest players who have not yet experienced Kingdom Hearts to play through this magical journey. Friendship, love and hope will be there to help you save the day .Dive into the fantasy. What will you do?