so many doors, all locked?

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Hearts PS2

"At least Kairi's got Riku to protect her. We took him 3 to one last time and he wooped us all.." That's a girl thing to say, there, You, Wakka and Yuna?

I can take Riku... can I? Right, that's hard, did you wanna come?

That I didn't open the door, myself, Kairi did, will never not bother me, this game is set apart from anything you've ever played and I can't imagine that magic can't be so real as all this was but I hate Wakka, and so you can wonder, if you thought I told him to stay away from Tidus, and there that you could think, it's just some rough start but I can't seem to get to Wonderland on time, through,

what, the traverse? I can't seem to think that you knew anything about what was real about a hero with the key, but I don't know this new world. There's nothing you can't do but there was nothing I could seem to think, except I met Cloud alone, why? I don't know, but like who'd I get saddled with? Riku left... I don't think I got the game...

Was it way too fun to do? Yes... is it frustrating, because I wanted to unlock something, and I have, this?

The game, is any of it real, or not? But like I can wonder what's in a story, and what you guys think you do, to try and get from place to place, do you lose fights, and keep going? Someone knew...

But like it's a game, and you can't really, think you didn't, lose focus, when you learned things about other worlds, that didn't apply here, but you said them anyway? There was good reason to think, you'd be able to blend,

but what did you do? The point of the game, is to protect the world order, not the world border, and I find myself locking everything up, to keep it safe? Never see your friends again, that sounds safe? I'm not Kerchack, but I did notice something, they lie? Sure, Jane said it, the apes could hear us from here, inside... So like there's secrets into this video game for playstation 2 that you can't, imagine were real but it's impossible to think, Riku doesn't know what he's doing and I don't believe in losing your friends unless you think

that Donald and Goofy get conned into betraying you, and then mettle tested, you think? But what if it's never supposed to happen? What if I could, go back, and change all this? Oh..

ohkay wait, no it's a game, I can... but I'm stuck back here, and I can't figure out how to get, Tidus, to come with me... dang.