Nostalgia at its finest. Kingdom Hearts is an adventure every person should undergo in his or her lifetime.

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Hearts PS2
Kingdom Hearts perfectly combines Square and Disney to create a truly magnificent masterpiece.

The entertaining game-play, challenge and emotional attachment to the characters make this game one that will last throughout the ages. The protagonist Sora and his two companions Donald and Goofy travel to a variety of different Disney worlds saving them from a plague called the 'heartless.' As you progress through your adventure you will start to realize just how important you are and start feeling attached to the game itself. You want to be a Key-Blade Master and you want to save all the worlds from the heartless.

The greatest feeling of satisfaction pulses through you when you complete this wonderful game and also a sense of loss now that your adventure is over. Not only is Kingdom Hearts one of the best PS2 games of all time but still continues today to be original where other games cannot. I could never in my life look passed giving this game a perfect 10.