Story is confusing as ever, but everything else is mostly good

User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Hearts III XONE


- everything looks amazing. Characters, environment, and everything

- disney story and characters are true to their movies

- the ending is really good. Wraps up the saga nicely

- combat is cool. Lots of abilities, and very flashy

- recap theatre summarizes the past games for new comers


- Sora is still very childish and doesn't seem to have grown up despite all the shit he's been through

- some very childish worlds and themes. OG audience is now late 20s and into 30s. Not really suitable for us.

- combat at the beginning is super easy

- story is too metaphorical. Really hard to understand

- too many villains introduced. Too little character development of the Org 13 members for me to care enough about each one.