The story is insufferable, and I choose not to suffer it.

User Rating: 2 | Kingdom Hearts III XONE

Never played 1 or 2, so this is from the perspective of a KH "virgin". The graphics are great. That's about it. The Disney characters swell. Problem with this steaming turd is the story. Countless cutscenes of dialogue wherein garbage plot elements such as an apparent copy of characters is brought into play. "Data-Sora"? Really? 13 years, and that's what SE comes up with? Data-Sora and Data-Roxas from the Data-World, as exposited by Jiminiy Cricket. I guess if you're into intentionally convuluted, completely pointless writing, this may be the game for you. I'm going back to RE2. Wish I could get the 60$ for this turd back.