Custom Character in a future KH game?

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This is just a theory i came up, but in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Venitas said there is thousands of other worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe besides the Disney and Final Fantasy worlds, each with their own KeyBlade wielders. could SquareEnix use this to add a custom character in a future KH game? unlikely but still fun to think about.
But if they do add one, it would probly be like the one in White Knight Chronicle or Dragon's Dogma. you create your own battle partner and even have the option to play as your created character. choose your characters gender, age, hair style, body size, clothing, and weapon you use. the story would still be mainly focused on Sora but you had the option to play as your created character just like in White Knight Chronicles.

But like I said, its unlikely to happen but still a nice thought. But I see the custom character working better as an Online type of thing, or a separate game like Halo Reach. you get your own customizable character, and you have a story mode to play. but not a full RPG. (Because if it was, I know Disney would not be happy with you killing Cinderella or joining the villains and destroying the universe) it would be slightly RPG, but more like Dragon's Dogma. you couldn't go on crime sprees, you couldn't kill someone because they made you mad, and you couldn't steal. you were on a quest to save the world, and choosing what side missions to complete would result into different endings. like in FallOut: New Vegas.

If they did do this game, the story would ether be a prequel set a few months/weeks/days before KH1, or it would be in an alternate universe where Sora was never born and you take his place but the story plays out differently depending on your actions. you even get the chance to kill the story's main villian early in the game, but if you do that a close friend to your character is some how corrupted and you have to fight him/her at the end. although you're not given the choice to be bad, your choices can still result into bad endings if you're not careful.

But as i said before, this is just a theory.

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that would be totally legit. i would definitely buy in to something like that. i think it would definitely sell very high in the gaming market with all the KH fans in the country who have played and went through the whole adventure of KH. it kind of pumps me up thinking about something like that. overall, great theory!
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While this idea would be awesome, I see no trend within Square Enix for any of their games to be heading in any sort of "custom character creation" direction. I repeat, though, that it would be awesome.

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Yeah, I've only seen a few SquareEnix games that allow the character (Other than the weapon) to be customizable. so even if they did make a entirely new KH game where you could have your own character I dont think we would have alot of freedom with it. I think it would be like in Fable where you just choose the character's gender and then build off of that through out the game. but it wont be as fun as making your avatar look the way you want him/her to at the start.

But thats just what I think.

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But even if they did allow a custom character, there would have to be kid friendly options. as much as i would love to make my own version of Tifa Lockhart and give her back her big boobs from the original Final Fantasy 7 game, it wouldnt be appropriate for a Disney related game. the clothing would have to be appropriate. no mini skirts, no bikinis, and nothing that would be too revealing. even if you completely unequiped your female character of all her clothing.

But some options they would add in is spikey anime hair, something that looks like its from DBZ. even have the option to make the hair as long as Sephiroth's hair. the clothing for your character would be simple at the start of the game. vests, T-Shirts, cargo pants, basic stuff. as you play through the game you unlock more options at stores like armor pieces and helmets. special clothing and special weapons are reserved for when you complete secret side missions. if you're character is female, you unlock princess options, like Cinderella's dress or special spells from when you help a Disney princess. if your character is male you unlock mercenary and S.O.L.D.I.E.R options, like Dark Cloud's suit or special weapons like Sephiroth's sword for helping Final Fantasy characters. do both as a female character and you could wield Sephiroth's sword while dressed as Cinderella.

But this is just what i think.

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has square ever done custom character , not that i know of other than the bioware titles though this idea seems legit as described , there is one thing i wonder about since disney now owns star wars can it be possible that the SW series be used here as well , this KH does look rather close to the clone wars

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SquareEnix actually has done custom character before. like in that game Project Sylpheed but it was for customizing the space ship you used. and even in Front Mission Evolved but the options were limited. so even if they did have a RPG KH game I'd imagen the custom character options would be limited. like choose a face instead of make a face, several options for hair, and one set of clothes for the entire body. (Like in Fallout 3. you had one big set for the entire body. you couldnt mix and match like in Elder Scrolls or Dark Souls) But I would still have alot of fun writing my own story in the KH universe.

As for Star Wars, I dont think that would be a good idea. I've seen some videos on YouTube about the possibility of Star Wars being in a future KH game. so far there has been more negitave responses than positive. I think they would just put in a KeyBlade that looked like a LightSaber. or have DLC costumes like how in FF13-2 they had Mass Effect suits. so I dont think we'll ever be seeing Star Wars in a KH game.

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@Broku5000: that would be awesome