A great squel but one problem but still a game you must at least play.

User Rating: 9.6 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
This game is great hands down. The game has got better graphics and way more worlds than the first Kingdom Hearts. I have been a fan of KH since I got a copy in 2003 than I have loved it since. I never got a chance to beat the 1st because of the glitch that easred data on there Christmas disc. But here is my review of Kingdom Hearts 2.
The gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 2 has improved over the first one by more than 100% because of the new way to use inviroments to combo and take out lots of Heartless and Nobodies as possible. Of course some combos do more damage than others. Plus the add-on of way many worlds in this KH2. The way that the worlds react with things exploding and other things like that like being able rip the enemies apart in levels such as Mulan,Pirates of the Caribbean,and the add on of Disney Castle makes this game great. Plus in this game with new worlds you know that means that there are way more enemies. First there are still some of the Heartless that we learned to love in the first game like the Shadows and knights but no Heartsless and Heartless bosses turn the game around. But of course the nobodies add more enemies than you could image. To defeat some of these new enemies you will need to use the new button command function like to hit Triangle to duck under or to swing around the enemy but they are alos used in offenive attacks like to hit the enemies from high in the sky or to slam them to the ground. but also with these new commands there is also special moves you can use if you are with the new people you an have in your party. Like the red dragon with Mulan for an example. Plus a few things that I didn't expect to be changed that were changed and done wonderfuly. The items when you look in your inventory has pictures for each one and that is actually looks good. And the other is the way that they have done Jimeny's Journal by putting it in better section than Character I and so on but they but it as the worlds they were in and other things like that.
Some of the complates I had with the gameplay was that first the game is way to short. You may be able to beat a WORLD in a hour or so. Plus people that aren't to good at timing will lose alot in this game because of some of the moves that may get you damaged if you don't hit the buttons but the game is also way to easy. Also another problem has to be that at first you can't take characters from that world out of your party but you have to take either Goofy or Donald out. But other that the gameplay is great. My biggest problem was the story didn't grab me as much as the first but it still did a great job.
The graphics are on of the best parts of the game because of all the extra things that have been done in extra. Alot of the graphics come in with the new items that all have there own pics. they all look great but some do look the smae like the eithers and the potions. Also like the other great game the enemies look really good and some look so good that they may even scare you alittle like the pirates in Port Royale. Also the levels look good but some don't have as many detials as others like it looks like they took alot of time on some levels but on other the detials aren't as great. but some of the best graphics are in the battle like the 1000 Heartless battle,I thought that graphics might have been alittle less but no every heartless looked great. The graphics could have been great and the rest of the game could have lagged and people would have till bought it to look. Espically the box art.
The sound in this game starting at the opening cutsceen which has great music. Alot of sound is great espically since most of the sound is in background music or in the voice overs. The cast did a great job putting sound to the characters but Aeris could have sounded abt better cince she sounds like she rather be doing something else. The sound is great what can I say.
This is a great game that will drive KH nuts and FF fans will love because of lovabe characters like the fairy Yuna,Rikku,and Paine. But Disney fans will also like the game. My biggest porblem was that the game was way to short but you can go back and do the battles different and find new ways plus finish the Winnie the Poo level and things like that are great ways t add time to this game.