quite a legendary game.

User Rating: 9.4 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
I find kingdom hearts II to be a superior game. The beginning CG I believe has the best artwork I have ever seen, and has one of the best songs I have heard. I thought that maybe ideas were running out, but this leads me to believe that new ideas are endless. I play the game in standard mode, and toward the begging of the adventure is on the easy side. I did not get a game over until the pirate world, then after a while everyone starts to get more difficult to defeat. The Olympus collisuliem battles are not as good as the first kh and are on the short side. I am a bit embarrassed that my lifelong style of wearing a black and white chequered wristband has been copied by the character roxas, but fortunate for myself it did shred up a few months before its release, and I do not feel like I am copying anyone (I will have to repair it somehow though) perhaps I am not the only one this has happened to. I think this game has the most creative type of controller usage and the best ability type system that I have ever played. I feel proud to say that I have defeated sephiroth after several hours of playing. Even after defeating sephiroth, I cannot figure out how to get the secret ending. I give you my gratitude for reading my opinions.