square-enix good job worth the wait for kh2 amazing graphics cool storyline and awsome battle system

User Rating: 9.7 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
square-enix launched the game to america to hit the shelves in march. Thousands of final fantasy and disney fans anctiously waited for this game to come out i was one. the first was a huge succsess chain of memories is the most memorable game to hit game boy advance. Now there is kh2 amazing graphics high detail I started to realize why it took so long to come out but no matter what anyone says its worth the wait. This game does have one major downfall though its how long the game takes to load.But besides that the game is a smash hit rpg game. There is an arsenal of forms theres valor wisdom master and final form. They increase your magic and strength but you lose either or 1 or 2 party members but it is worth it. Its a game that you cant just play first and not the others its very confusing so you would have to play kh1 khcom to understand the story line.
So if you are final fantasy or dragon warrior / dragon quest fan i strongly recomend you get this game it will tie you up in a untieable addiction knot.