A step up from the first game.

User Rating: 8.9 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
After finishing KH2 I am surprised to say it is much better then I expected. For starters I am not a fan of Disney, but that said and done this game surprised me. I loved the gameplay mechanics while slightly poor in some aspects I love how they added reaction commands which allow you to react to a certain enemies attack. So lets get down to it:

Simply the best aspect of the game complete besides maybe the story. Some gameplay from the original with a few additions. Mainly of which are the reaction commands. These commands feel kinda like the ones from another popular game that isn't for the kiddies. That being god of war. In addition Sora gets forms now as well. These forms allow you to transform into a better version of yourself at the cost of losing an ally for a time. But, before you think that makes it bad you would be surprised at some of the outrageous combos that you can pull off with higher forms. However, with that said there isn't anything new in the system besides those two aspects. The reaction commands are a great idea, but the game doesn't use them as often and I would of liked to see them used more.

After playing the first game and then finishing I like this series alittle more. KH the original was known for its confusing story that left so many holes towards the end. In the second game the story fills in some of those holes as to be expect from a sequel. During the whole game I found myself consumed by the story. You travel from world to world in your gunmi ship like before, but they changed the gunmi ship alittle bit, but for the better in my opinion. Many of the familiar worlds come back into play and some new like the universe of the geek movie Tron. All in all its a step up over the original.

The graphics are the same feel and look as the original with some flare added in. Cinematic wise the cut-scenes are beautiful as to be expected for Square.

The music is of top quality and enjoyable to listen too.

All in all the game is a decent buy or be like me and give it a rent. The game isn't to hard for more experienced players in rpging. But thats to be expected from a game targeted alittle on the lower spectrum of ages. If you want a quick rpg fix this will do it.