Look out it Donald, Goofy, and Sora. The Heartless is back when a all star cast of Disney and FFX characters.

User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
The reason for a seven score is because it was no really difference from the first. And I know this game came out years ago but I had to review it when the third installment came out which is still years and years from now. But it is worth the wait great voice acting as well animation. The story of course is one for the books. Some of the different levels are some what weird and the whole thing with the gummy ship could be better or complete delete. Now I understand what the big wait is all about. The story which I will not give away is a spin off of a Final Fantasy eight. If they wait any longer to put out the third Kingdom Hearts they might loss some fan base. But when you explain that its apart of two other Final Fantasies games that has not been release this is going to be a must play in every generation. That is the reason for the remix call 1.5 kingdom hearts. I recommend every go play this game or you might be one of few who ask what is kingdom hearts? One of the most popular franchise to hit the gaming industry. So if you are a fan of Disney, Final Fantasy be on the looking out for Kingdom Hearts three the reason to go get your hands on Kingdom Hearts 2.