i think this game was incredible and well made the story line was fantastic and i cant wait for the third one

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
I think that KH2 was a amazing game and the storyline was fantastic and the gameplay and graphics were amazing as well.Just the thought of all the Disney characters combined into one game was a great idea.The first game was a awsome game but the sequal is amazing i think the only thing that could have made it better is that if you could be another actual playable character like say you wanted to play as cloud so you could play as cloud or something like that.But besides that i think its a perfect.The difficulty wasnt all that hard but there were a couple boses that were pretty strong.The dozens apone dozens of mini-games was a pretty good feature but most of them almost seem inpossible but because everything else was soo good i think that it cancels out the mini-game mash-up