Kingdom Hearts 2 HD Let's Play.

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Would anyone here be interested in a Kingdom Hearts II Let's Play in 1080p, texture filtering, all those pretty effects? Because I decided I was going to do one, seeing as there isn't a lot of high quality Kingdom Hearts content out there. Most of the videos are in 480p, and even those look terrible. I've made a trailer and the first episode so far and the quality is miles ahead of any other ones I've seen, resolution wise. If anyone wants the link to the trailer post and I'll throw it up. But i'm just wondering if that would be a popular thing or not; I don't want to put a ton of effort in if no one's going to watch it. I don't care that much about subscribers, but it would make me happy and motivated if people were watching.
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I can't edit my post, so here's the trailer link if anyone's interested: